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Stabilize shaky postage for post processing of plug ins

Mercalli Expert is a software program used as a stabilizer every time there is shaky footage during post processing of plug-ins. This tool can detect and distinguish any movements such as panning or zoom shots and unintended shocks and shakes.

Mercalli Expert lets you analyze the frame in a video clip and when it detects any shake or tracking, it repositions the entire image to stabilize it.

Mercalli Expert has many features. It has full HD support as a video shaker expert and more. This application has advanced settings to give speed or a detail-focused movement analysis.

There is a detection area where you can select video analysis modes and camera movement modes. This tool has also the Multi-format rendering function that includes SD/DV, HD/HDTV, etc.

It is an easy to use product with precise, fast and reliable image stabilization. With this software solution, you can track a flying object in the sky, in the background or any other footage in motion.

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Mercalli Expert


Mercalli Expert V1 Expert

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